"Celebrating my first year with Nexus Bookkeepers!

The Nexus team as created order out of chaos.  Saving me hours of reviewing and re-reviewing statements, organizing receipts, calculating wages and CRA submissions.  Working with them has given me peace of mind, finally I will have a stress free year end!"


Dr. Joslyn Conley

"Nexus Bookkeeping has provided bookkeeping services for our office over the past 4 years.  Corinne and the staff have been great by adapting to our unique business and responding quickly to our requests, especially those that require "immediate" attention.  When our demands required more attention due to growth Corinne added additional staff to pick up the slack.  Without any equivocation Nexus Bookkeeping has our total endorsement."

Brad Emsland

Westcan Aircraft Sales Ltd.

"I began working with Nexus when my accounting firm KPMG noticed some deficiencies in the records being provided by my former bookkeeper.  They recommended I switch to Nexus.  Since then, the process of submitting my records to Nexus has been simple and seamless.  They ensure all my payroll, GST and tax remittances are calculated and posted and send me a reminder whenever I need to approve something - which I can do quickly within our online accounts.  And if I have a question about anything, it is addressed in a timely manner with the highest level of professionalism.

Not only has the switch to Nexus saved me time and money, it has given me a new level of confidence in the financial record keeping for my business.  Less time, less money and a higher level of trust - three key ingredients to helping my business succeed.

I would recommend Nexus to any business that needs to implement excellence in their financial record keeping."

Sharon Stevens, APR, FCPRS

CEO, Communication Solutions